Does Codepal have any rights on this website?

The AI and Me

There are two reasons for my gratitude to Codepal. The first is that Codepal offered me generative skills, but not at all exclusive or creative: they are essential technical knowledge that I don't have. The second is that Codepal is an AI that does not hope to replace the classic underpaid creative jobs—thinking, writing, thrilling—that I love so much. It facilitate complex technical works, like coding.

I know, you developers are judging me. But let me say this: beyond your efforts to imitate human creativity with AI, the next big Hal9000 is more likely to become a better computer engineer or an infallible construction engineer, even a real encyclopedic Dr. Gregory House, than the new Yasmina Reza or an algorithmic fake of Paolo Sorrentino—without bothering the creative genius of Michelangelo or David Byrne. Isn't it much simpler and more logical?

Of course, some AI will replace some creative jobs, but the ones (or part of the ones) that are already done without critical thinking, culture and knowledge, and true creativity. So, my dear humanist pal: start using any Codepal-like AI and stop being worried.