Curated Memories

#38 / 2023 / Torino / Legend by Promemoria

It's not every day you listen that ideas are mosquitoes external link

Michele De Lucchi & I

#37 / 2023 / Lacoste / France / SCAD Univesity

Of the many lectures in recent years, this one should be remembered

My Lecture at SCAD

#36 / 2023 / Paris

To think of beauty as the expression of continuity

My family in Paris

#35 / 2023 / by Promemoria

Archivio magazine from scratch: round three external link

Archivio #9

#34 / 2023 / Madrid

Let's all travel together again

Family trip in Madrid

#33 / 2022 / Venezia / IUAV

A Friday lecture was the occasion for our very first family trip

Family trip in Venice

#32 / 2022 / Milano / FontanaArte

Writing a video to show our vision about making digital archives watch

FontanaArte Archive Video

#31 / 2021 / Torino / Legend by Promemoria

Legendary by Design: why does history still matter? read

Talk at Nuvola Lavazza

#30 / 2021 / Torino

Adulthood, vol 2: Celeste will change so much


#29 / 2021 / Milano

A letter from G.A.

The letter

#28 / 2020 / by Promemoria

Archivio magazine from scratch: round two external link

Archivio #5

#27 / 2020 / Torino / Promemoria

An atypical COO for a one-of-a-kind company: Promemoria external link

Promemoria Group Entrance

#26 / 2019 / Berlin

It was not a matter of course that we would return home

My syblings and I

#25 / 2019 / Torino

Adulthood, vol 1: buying a home

Our desk at the new home

#24 / 2019 / Milano / Bordeaux / Poitou-Charentes

Our final takeoff from Milan

Our favorite bed and breakfast

#23 / 2018 / Torino

Plot twist! Meet Promemoria and discover the potential of digital archives watch

A gif of a kid studying

#22 / 2017 / Milano

The first time I read “The Corrections”

A breakfast table with books

#21 / 2016 / Nantes / Bretagne

An unforgettable morning in front of the ocean

A view of a hill and the ocean in the morning from the windows of an home

#20 / 2016 / Nancy Scheper-Hughes

My favorite cultural anthropology definition read

A picture of an hairdresser window I took at Istanbul

#19 / 2015 / Milano

Plot twist! Being an editor in the dawn of content marketing read

My Menu chair

#18 / 2014 / Nowhere

Commuting: the sunrise outside the train window changes place every day

Grass fields and some trees outside a train window

#17 / 2013 / Bologna

April 10th, the day I got my doctorate in Cultural Anthropology

Notebooks from my fieldworks

#16 / 2013 / Istanbul / London + New York / Routledge

Assume that there is a kind of Promised Land Syndrome read

Poussin, The Spies with the Grapes of the Promised Land, 1664

#15 / 2012 / Izmir / Bruxelles / Ljubljana / Urban Planning Institute Press

A Kiosk for the Headscarf in a civil society reclaiming public space read

A card with the longest word in turkish: demokratiklestirebilmek, to be able to democratize

#14 / 2011 / Igdir

A sign at the foot of Mt Ararat: “do not travel this road after dark“

A space view of the Mount Ararat region

#13 / 2011 / Istanbul

Crossing the Bosphorus every single morning

A Bosphorus view from a boat at the dawn

#12 / 2010 / Aosta / Bologna / Thomas Pynchon

“Every dog has its day but a good dog just might have two days“

A dog in a grass field

#11 / 2009 / Bologna

The city where I understood the cinema

A view of the two central ancient tower of Bologna

#10 / 2008 / Chia

This place means something to us

A bar on a beach at the dawn

#9 / 2008 / Bologna

Sesto Senso, where it all began

A picture of a friend, his name is Edo

#8 / 2007 / Los Angeles

My memorable Marlowe night in L.A.

A picture of Malibu beaches at the dawn

#7 / 2007 / San Francisco

A Regatta and a chopper ride in the Bay Area

A gif of my friend Michele and me riding a chopper around Napa Valley

#6 / 2006 / Aix-en-Provence

It is easy to feel like Cezanne in this sunlight

Aix en Provence city market

#5 / 2004 / Bologna

A Contemporary History college course that I will mention many times

Bologna during a big snowfall

#4 / 2004 / Barcelona

A week's journey became three unforgettable months as a waiter

Barcelona from Montjuic telepherique roof

#3 / 2003/ Roma

Moving in Rome (was not that easy)

An old map of Rome

#2 / 2002 / London

First time abroad with friends, we got lost

A street performer balancing on a ladder in Covent Garden

#1 / 1984 / Cuneo

Hello world!

Me at my 2 years' old birthday party

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